Detailing a classic car is a passion and love at Dangerous Curves. We go beyond simply washing and waxing; we focus on seven (7) key areas:  chrome trim, upholstery, interior carpet, dashboard, wheels, engine compartment and window glass. This detail package is for pristine conditioned cars.

  • Clean rim, barrel, tire, & fender well
  • Gently hand wash with clean 100% microfiber mitts
  • Blow dry all water reservoirs to prevent drip marks
  • Dry with ultra-soft, premium microfiber towels
  • Interior vacuum
  • Sanitize door handles, gear selector, & steering wheel
  • Condition & dress tires, fender well, & trim for health
  • Exterior & interior glass cleaned
  • Leather, vinyl and plastics are cleaned, conditioned & dressed with UV blocker
  • 6 month “guaranteed” SI02 coating applied
  • Air freshener
  • Inspected for excellence



Stop by 2501 S. College Rd. Wilmington, NC to see the advantages of professional vs. car-wash detailing.


Service Duration = 4 Hrs

Reservation Lead-Time: 1 day in advance

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