• Clean rim, barrel, tire, & fender well
  • Gently hand wash with clean 100% microfiber mitts
  • Blow dry all water reservoirs to prevent drip marks
  • Dry with ultra-soft, premium microfiber towels
  • Sanitize door handles, gear selector, & steering wheel
  • Condition & dress tires, fender well, & trim for health
  • Fallout surface decontamination (clay bar)
  • Engine bay cleaned & dressed
  • Exterior & interior glass cleaned
  • Meticulous clean leather, vinyl, plastics, and rear deck/cargo area are lathered in moisturizer and UV blocker
  • Steam clean cracks crevices, jams, and hard to reach areas
  • Carpet & upholstery pre-spotted, gently scrubbed & shampooed with heated extractor and steamer
  • Stage 1 cut, polish for minor up to moderate defect repair, gloss enhancement, and depth of clarity
  • 1 year polymer paint sealant & wax combo applied for heavy protection
  • Air freshener
  • Inspected for excellence


Hover Box Element

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Price = $499

Service Duration = 16 Hrs

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