Car Wash Auto Detailing

Car Wash Auto Detailing

Stop by 2501 S. College Rd. Wilmington, NC to see the advantages of professional vs. car-wash detailing.

Professional Detailing

Professional Detailing

Stop by 2501 S. College Rd. Wilmington, NC to see the advantages of professional vs. car-wash detailing.

Car-Wash -vs – Professional Detailing – Come See the Difference

Drop by our Detailing Center at:

2501 South College Rd. Wilmington – just South of College Rd. & Shipyard Blvd. – opposite the Long Leaf Mall

to see the difference for yourself a professional detailer can do for the car you drive.
Our Motto is:

You Drive It – We Protect It. 

Automobile Detailing Business Focus

A dedicated detailing business, like Dangerous Curves Detailing in Wilmington, NC is solely focused on auto, SUV, RV, motorcycle, boat detailing and does not get distracted by typical high-volume, low cost car wash issues of automated car washes or many employees trying to quickly wash cars demanding quick service. The difference between a dedicated professional detailer and a car wash business, is similar to a high-end white-table-cloth, top-of-the-line steak house preparing individual orders as per customer preferences, compared to a Fast-Food burger chain quickly serving burgers cooked in a standard way for each order. Fast food burgers or individually cooked gourmet steak – dedicated detailer or detailing at a car wash – you decide which is better…

Detailing Business Expertise

A vehicle detailing-only business, like Dangerous Curves Detailing in Wilmington, NC has a single-minded focus on offering the best auto, motorcycle, SUV, RV and boat detailing available. The owner/operator and staff all become a detailing experts by continually learning the best “State of the Art” vehicle detailing methods and staying up-to-date with the newest and best materials, approaches and practices available in the industry. The business aligns itself with the leading suppliers of detailing materials, tools and techniques. It remains a “Cutting Edge” leader in the marketplace by attending seminars and training programs, visits with leading suppliers to stay up-to-date on new approaches and practices in order to remain ahead of others in the field of vehicle detailing in the local market served.

Detailing Staff Qualifications

An exclusively vehicle detailing business, like Dangerous Curves Detailing in Wilmington, NC only hires candidates with prior vehicle detailing experience. Candidates must have worked for another vehicle detailing business or a vehicle dealership’s delivery preparations department. Such work experiences prepare employees to quickly learn the special approaches of the business and know the best techniques for the best results. They also know the most efficient techniques, so that results can be delivered without wasted time, materials and efforts at the lowest possible costs.

Detailing Staff Training

A focused vehicle detailing business, like Dangerous Curves Detailing in Wilmington, NC ensures its staff are always practicing the best “State of the Art” techniques and materials to be used for optimal results. To deliver the best result for every client, we send our staff to training session offered by our suppliers and vendors, so every employee is always up-to-date on all the best newest techniques and materials used to deliver the best results.

Detailing Staff Certifications

Vehicle detailing businesses, like Dangerous Curves Detailing in Wilmington, NC supports its staff to take professional tests and examinations in order to gain Professional Certifications. Such certifications ensure the staff always practice best “State of the Art” solutions, as well as demonstrate to customers the capabilities of people delivering the services, as well as the dedication of the business to keep its staff at the cutting edge of these professional services. Finally the staff also realize that the business is dedicated in supporting them to remain at the leading edge of their profession, giving them not only pride in their work, but also a dedication and loyalty to the business.

Detailing Facility – Interior, air conditioned shop with lights vs. outdoor tents

A dedicated detailing business, like Dangerous Curves Detailing in Wilmington, NC utilizes a fully enclosed, dedicated, air-conditioned, high intensity LED lit work space to detail automobiles and motorcycles. An enclosed and air conditioned/heated work space not only make the work area comfortable for the staff, so they can focus on delivering the best results, without having to worry about the weather conditions and their effects on work performance. An enclosed, air filtered work space also ensures that during the delicate process of applying various surface treatments, there is no concern about dust, bugs or other environmental contaminants settling on the newly treated surfaces. Also a constant temperature ensure that “curing” times for the material applications are always constant and proper, since the air and surface temperatures are always kept constant.

Detailing Materials used

A dedicated detailing business, like Dangerous Curves Detailing in Wilmington, NC uses the best “swtate-of-the-Art” materials for all its detailing tasks. Since vehicles have widely ranging areas needing detailing treatments, the different surfaces, different surface materials and causes for contamination and aging vary widely and demand differing treatments and materials to handle the tasks. Automobile body surfaces have delicate paint requiring a uniform shine and even surfaces. Since auto body surfaces are exposed to many dangers, like weather, tree-sap, bird droppings, bug smears, oily finger prints, light paint rubs from contact with other vehicles, shopping carts, bicycles, etc. they require delicate but strong materials to treat and protect these surfaces. Automobile interiors have soft fabric and leather surfaces that endure repeated soiling by contact with drivers and passengers entering and exiting the vehicle, scuffing by belts, keys, cellphones and other stiff objects. Seats, carpets and door panels also are exposed to food and drink stains, as well as dirt and dust from shoes and air circulating from open windows and sunroofs. Engine compartments have entirely different issues and contaminants ranging from lubricants, leaking oils, fluids and air coming at high speed through the front grill together with bugs and road hazards. Wheels are exposed to heavy break-dust and other road dirt, from dust, to mud and dirty water.  All these different surfaces and contaminants require specialized materials for proper cleaning and protective treatments. Only a focused business can keep track of the best materials to use, keeping them in stock and knowing how to apply them.

Detailing Tools used

A dedicated detailing business, like Dangerous Curves Detailing in Wilmington, NC knows what tools to use in order to achieve the best results. The staff continually stays updated at courses and seminars offered by the suppliers of the materials used in knowing what tools to use and how to best use them. As they say: “A Fool with a Tool, is Still Only a Fool” does not apply here, as the staff not only use the best materials, but always knows the best techniques on how to apply them in all instances. Also if and when the staff encounters an unusual vehicle or unusual issue, they have the contacts to the suppliers to ask for assistance in how other detailers have solved similar problems. The industry professionals are always accessible through the suppliers, so our staff do not have to “reinvent the wheel” when encountering an unusual issue.

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