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Whats Hiding In My Carpet?


The average adult American spends 293 hours per year in their vehicle.  Whether it’s back and forth to work, driving the kids around or taking a road trip we all rely on our vehicles for transportation on a daily basis.  We make sure the oil is changed, tires rotated and brakes are checked but what about the interior function ability?

When I ask this question I am referring to its ability to function as a healthy environment for you and your family.  During our daily activities our skin, clothes and shoes will retain and release soils and contaminants.  These can be anything from dust, dirt and hair to skin cells and viruses.  Did you know we shed around 1.6 pounds per year?

Carpet makes for a great filter for these soils and contaminants.  The problem with automatic carpeting is almost its entire surface is considered a high traffic area.  Almost the same applies to vehicle upholstery.  So when you move around in the seat, shuffle your feet and get in and out of your vehicle the contaminants can be transferred into the air to be circulated around the cabin in your heat/AC system.

Regular vacuuming is an effective preventative of over soiling, but in our busy lives time can’t always be found for this task.  In addition, dry extraction only removes about 70% of soiling from a carpet’s pile.  Pre-treating and using the method of steaming and hot water extraction will disinfect and remove remaining soluble and insoluble soiling.  If vacuumed semi-regularly this process needs to only be performed 1-2 times per year.

Stains and spots in a vehicle’s carpet and upholstery can be another occurrence.  These are mostly an aesthetic issue, but if organic stains such as milk and bodily fluids sit it can create an unhealthy odor.  These spots can be lifted using a beneficial enzyme or oxidizing agent.  Most “spots” can be lifted from upholstery and carpet by a professional.  When a “spot” turns into a stain is where it gets tricky.  A stain results from a color that permanently attaches to a fiber or material.  This is usually caused by a chemical change such as oxidation.  If professional cleaning leaves the discoloration still in the material this means it will need to be dyed or painted.

Once your carpet and upholstery is cleaned and sanitized, what will prevent it from becoming quickly soiled all over again?  There are a variety of carpet and upholstery protectants available.  Just ask a cleaning professional and they can recommend an effective product.  What about prevention of odor causing bacterial growth?  TiO2 or titanium oxide nanoparticles are known for their ability to inhibit bacterial growth and prevent future odors.  This nanoparticle is available in cleaning solutions used by professionals.


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