Claying or clay bar treatment as its sometimes referred to seems to most to be an advanced detailing treatment as its not a common stage of most peoples general car cleaning or car care routine, but its not supposed to be. You don’t actually need to clay your car that often, usually just prior to a good car polish and sealant treatment, maybe as a yearly treat or some people like to do so quarterly.

What claying will do is remove any bonded contaminates on top of the paintwork surface that the car wash stage alone doesn’t. A Dangerous Curves auto detailing and car care clay bar removes these contaminants by “shaving” them from the surface, these contaminants the likes of tree sap, tar, iron and other industrial fallout are some of the more common you will find that bond them self’s to your vehicles paintwork over time, leaving your paintwork feeling rough to the touch. They can not only rob your paintwork of clarity and luster, but they can also effect how a car wax or paint sealant will work when applied to the paintwork, as well as in some cases attacking and damaging the finish over


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