This detail option is custom fit for those who plan to spend the day at the beach. We can schedule to pick up your car, eliminating parking fees. We will deliver your car upon your scheduled departure, completely detailed.

  • Clean rim, tire, and fender well
  • Gently hand wash with clean 100% microfiber mitts
  • Blow dry all water reservoirs to prevent drip marks
  • Dry with ultra-soft, premium microfiber towels
  • Interior vacuum
  • Interior & exterior glass cleaned
  • Sanitize door handles, gear selector, & steering wheel
  • Condition & dress tires, fender well, & trim for health
  • Air freshener
  • Leather, vinyl, and plastics are cleaned, conditioned, & dressed with UV blocker
  • Floor mats cleaned and sanitized
  • Quality wax applied with buffer
  • Inspected for excellence


Hover Box Element

Please call us to place an order for this, any other package or a customized service for you.

Price = $250

Service Duration = 4- 6 Hrs

Reservation Lead-Time: 1 day in advance

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