The bare and unprotected paint of your vehicle is constantly exposed to the adverse effects of tar and asphalt from the roads, corrosion and oxidation caused by gritting salt in the winter, industrial fallout and extremely hot brake dust particles that can literally burn into your vehicle’s paint.

Insects also pose a considerable risk to the finish of a vehicle as their bodies contain acids and organic compounds that can cause rapid deterioration of car paint.

Without any protection, scratches and other mechanical damage occurs directly on your vehicle’s clear coat. This category of damage affects every vehicle, no matter how favorable the driving conditions.

Ceramic Coating products create a glass-like layer on your vehicle’s clear coat. This thick protective layer is composed of high grade silicium, which is the result of a special chemical reaction that occurs at the time of application. This impenetrable barrier provides an incredible level of protection against mechanical and chemical damage. Because this protective coating is highly repellent, our products offer the added benefit of keeping your vehicle clean longer, and of making your vehicle much easier to clean when needed.


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