Most vehicle headlights are covered with a factory OEM protective coating, on transparent, plastic lens. These headlight lenses discolor over time, becoming opaque and cloudy, and thus severely restricting the amount of light reaching the road. This clouding is caused by accumulated exposure to UV – ultraviolet light that can become a problem in as little as two years.

Until recently, the only solution to this problem required replacing the auto headlight lens assemblies at a cost of $600.00 or more! Headlight Restoration is the least expensive way to correct the problem. Replacing headlights can cost hundreds of dollars after installation.

Headlights that are yellow, scratched and cloudy can make night driving a dim, and a more dangerous, experience. Our 3M restoration makes it faster and easier to improve your visibility. And, whether you need light, medium or heavy duty restoration, you can extend the life of your headlights – saving money as well as time.

We Guarantee our headlight service for 2 years


Hover Box Element

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