Live to Ride & Ride to Live…Bugs and tar can be among the most challenging contaminants to dislodge. Removing them quickly is vital, since they can also be among the most acidic contaminants to assail your finish. Such residues will gnaw their way through your paint and pit your polished metals – not a good thing.

Motorcycle Detail Prices are based on time.

Each motorcycle’s cost is estimated by an approximate time it should take to detail it to show room condition. The average cost of many of these bikes can be much greater than the average car and in many cases can reach well into the six figures for the very exotic.

A customer will have thousands invested into his vehicles, yet his bikes are where his passion is found. We take that one illustration very serious, custom bike customers will be your best critic or your worst depending on the quality you offer in your detailing services.

Dangerous Curves provides superior motorcycle detailing services. No matter how gorgeous of a bike she is, you can be confident the our motorcycle detailing will make her shine her best.

**Note: Additional charges may be applied due to, but not limited to, Springer front ends, twisted spokes, side cars, excessive chrome, or dirt/grime. We will be able to provide an accurate estimate upon viewing the motorcycle. No disassembly of the mechanics will be done, we don’t assume the risk or liability. Only minor/simple disassembly of common parts.

  •  Cruiser (standard/custom) $225
  •  Sport bike (cafe) $250
  •  Touring (dresser/bagger) $295
  •  Modified (chopper) $Estimate only


Hover Box Element

Please call us to place an order for this, any other package or a customized service for you.

Price: Starting @ $225

Service Duration = 6-8 hrs+

Reservation Lead-Time: 1 Day In Advance

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