Removing Unpleasant Odors Adds Value to Your Car!

Few things lower the value of a car faster than persistent unpleasant car odors. Whether you are an auto dealer or a car owner with a trade-in, removing car smells will increase the value of your car and we can do most standard size cars for $50!  Purteq can remove auto odors caused by tobacco smoke, mildew and mold, pets, spilled milk or rotten food.


How many hours do you spend in your car each day?

Whether you are commuting to and from work, taking your kids to a soccer game, or running errands, you probably spend many of your waking hours traveling by automobile. But did you know, you aren’t traveling alone?


Your car is full of germs and bacteria that are keeping you company as you drive.

To paint a clearer picture of how many germs you are actually exposed to, let’s take a moment to think about your steering wheel (you know, the part of the car your hands are constantly touching). The average steering wheel has as many as 9 times the amount of germs as a public toilet seat.


PURTEQ revolutionary system helps protect your family against the germs lurking in your car.

Clean does not mean germ free when it comes to your vehicle. Even a well maintained, frequently cleaned car will still contain harmful bacteria and pathogens such as E. coli, Enterobacteria and Serratia (fecal organisms), which can cause severe illness. Just thinking about all of the potential germs that could be colonizing in your vehicle can be a disgusting thought (When was the last time you walked on a bathroom floor…)



PURTEQ utilizes an environmentally friendly, water-based solution. When applied to surfaces, it forms an invisible, long-lasting coating that actively protects surfaces from the build-up of organic matter including bacteria, molds, germs and allergens.

Without the use of harmful chemicals, Prevnt works rapidly and effectively to naturally decompose odors such as smoke and pet smells.

Germs, infectious disease, mold spores, mildew, viruses and pet odor contribute to the overall air quality affecting your family’s health on a daily basis.

  • Odors…The power of PURTEQ is its ability to penetrate, seek out and react with the components and cause of all odors, including tobacco smoke, mildew and pet smells. PURTEQ dissolves and converts them into gaseous molecules without causing damage to fabrics, materials or hard surfaces.
  • Germs and Bacteria… PURTEQ products provide complete disinfecting and sanitizing for all touch point areas such as steering wheels, door handles, sinks and counter tops.
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Systems… PURTEQ cleans and sanitizes the air system using our exclusive Shok product. Airborne bacteria, allergens and mold will be virtually eliminated.
  • Surface Protection… PURTEQ has proven to drastically reduce odors, smoke, mold, fungi, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and bacteria found in many rooms. Airborne bacteria and mold reduction is normally in the 90+ percentile. When used as a surface coating, our treatment acts as a bacteria-static barrier that repels microorganisms, offering long-term protection against mold, algae and bacteria growth.


What is a Photocatalyst:

When titanium dioxide (TiO2) captures ultraviolet light (UV), either from the sun or fluorescent light, it forms activated oxygen from water and oxygen in the air. This process is similar to photosynthesis, in which chlorophyll captures sunlight to turn water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose. The formed activated oxygen is strong enough to oxidize and decompose organic materials and eliminate bio-polution.


What is Titanium dioxide (TiO2):

Titanium dioxide, also known as titania, is the naturally occurring oxide of titanium, chemical formula TiO2. Titanium Dioxide is considered a safe substance and harmless. It is commonly used in paint, printing ink, plastics, paper, synthetic fibers, rubber, condensers, painting colors, crayons, ceramics and electronic components along with food and cosmetics. Many studies have been published on the use of titanium dioxide as a photocatalyst for the decomposition of organic compounds. After illuminated by UV light, titanium dioxide produces hydroxyl radicals, which react with the organic matter in the air to form non-toxic inorganic matter.


PURTEQ Benefits

The PURTEQ system uses an environmentally friendly and family safe solution to help protect you and your loved ones from germs.

PURTEQ guards your car’s interior with a nano-thin anti-microbial coating which not only attacks germs on contact, it continues fighting germs for up to 6 months after the treatment. Don’t risk exposing yourself and your loved ones to harmful bacteria and viruses when you don’t have to.


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