Wheel Armour will allow us to protect your rims with ease! Ceramic Wheel Coating is an extremely durable 9H ceramic wheel coating designed to protect wheels from harsh brake dust and make clean-up even easier! Your rims will receive a unique chemical bond to form a coating, resulting in easier maintenance.

One single application lasts up to one year and resistant to temperatures up to 570 degrees F. If that’s not enough, it also provides excellent stain and contaminant resistance properties!  We provide coatings for regular painted rims, chrome, clear coated aluminum, and stainless steel items including wheels, bumpers, and engine parts. Call and protect your wheels today!


Hover Box Element

Please call us to place an order for this, any other package or a customized service for you.

Price = $200 [4 Rim Faces]; $375 [4 Rims, Barrels, & Wheel Removal]

Service Duration = 8 Hrs

Reservation Lead-Time: 1 day in advance

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