We wage World War 3 on the elements like airborne chemical compounds, ferrous (iron containing) particles, adhesives, industrial fallout, rail dust, acid rain, bird droppings, road tar, grime, tree sap, bugs, water spots, brake dust, road salt, oil, and paint spray either on/or embedded in the paint surface. Some of these contaminants, particularly fresh contaminants, may come off of the paint surface with the initial washing. Contaminants left unaddressed will actually penetrate and/or bond to the paint and, over time, eat into the clear coat thereby causing pitting, premature clear coat failure, and/or overall accelerated degradation of the paint.

  • Clean rim, barrel, tire, & fender well
  • Gently hand wash with clean 100% microfiber mitts
  • Blow dry all water reservoirs to prevent drip marks
  • Dry with ultra-soft, premium microfiber towels
  • Sanitize door handles, gear selector, & steering wheel
  • Condition & dress tires, fender well, & trim for health
  • Fallout surface decontamination (clay bar)
  • Engine bay cleaned & dressed
  • Exterior & interior glass cleaned
  • All floor mats shampooed & deodorized
  • Insane 2-stage vacuum and air purged to remove dust & allergens
  • Leather, vinyl, and plastics are cleaned, conditioned, & dressed with UV blocker
  • Carpet & upholstery pre-spotted, gently scrubbed & shampooed with heated extractor & steamer
  • Chrome trim & gauges cleaned
  • Machine polish for minor swirl removal, gloss enhancement and depth of clarity
  • 6 month “guaranteed” SI02 coating applied
  • Windshield glass coating (3-Year Protection)
  • Inspected for excellence


Hover Box Element

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Service Duration = 16 Hrs

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