Tree Sap Removal

You may not have noticed the tree branch hanging overhead when you parked, but when you returned to your car, its paint was splattered with sap. Regardless of the type of tree sap that made its way onto your vehicle, removing it quickly is important, as the longer it stays on your vehicle the harder it will be to remove and can eventually damage and etch the clear coat.

While sap will not immediately damage a vehicle’s paint job, time is of the essence. After a while, sap can eat through the clear coat and lead to staining and discoloration of the paint. If the weather is hot, the sap can harden and turn black, making it especially difficult to remove.

Removing sap from a vehicle can be labor intensive and time consuming. It can also lead to scratches in your paint job if not done correctly.

Insect Removal

The head-on collision of that juicy June bug on your car’s beautiful paint and trim is far from one-sided. As the bug’s exoskeleton explodes, acidic fluids are firmly embedded in the surface of your car’s paint.

Any attempt to remove the calcified insect remains without the use of a special cleaning solution could result in scratched paint.

If heavy insect debris remains your vehicle’s paint finish for more than a few days, the acid will etch the paint. In this case, cleaners will remove the insects, but the paint will have etch spot (dimples) damage.

The only real way to fix this problem is to polish the paint using a dual-action car polisher.

You can polish by hand but, unfortunately, you probably won’t make the insect etch marks go away. Utilize a dual-action car polisher, a foam cutting pad, a foam polishing pad as well as compound.

All of the chemicals used to remove the aforementioned road stains will also remove your wax or sealants. After removing tar, sap or bugs, we will re-wax your vehicle.


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